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My recent oil paintings imagine the life of two personas; the Moon Man and the Liar. The moon has been the subject of myths, fairytales, and epic poems as a spiritual and supernatural being often portrayed as feminine. However, astronomically, the moon is orbiting away from humans an inch and a half each year, to someday allow the ocean to swallow the shores and electromagnetic fields to self-destruct. Based on these facts about the moon, I depict the personified moon as a man that denies stepping forward and committing to true devotion. The liars have also been subjects of many myths, such as Odysseus, Tereus, and many other male characters in Greek Mythology. However, in the contemporary world, women live in places to become liars for their safety and social reputation. Through the relationship between the Liar and the Moon Man, I suggest an allegory of love, which is highlighted through the contrast between the intimate composition of figures and bleak facial expressions. Delving into the imperfect nature of love and living through it, describes the subject of my works as well as the motivation behind this particular body of work. As the brilliant Lucie Brock-Broido describes: No one will ever love you like you wanted to be loved. (“A Hunger,” pg. 50, line 31)

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